Terms & Conditions for 1-1 Sessions

One to One Terms & Conditions


  1. Costs and Refunds – Initial one to one sessions are charged as per the pricing structure you received and are payable up to 24 hours prior to your consultation and are non refundable. The session may be transferable if the dog has moved to new ownership. The session can be taken by the new owner but can only be transferred with the dog, not to an entirely new dog and owner.
    In the event of group courses, the course fee is required to secure a place and the consultant will give the client a date by which to pay. After a certain date the course fee will not be refundable and if the client chooses not to complete the course, they will not be reimbursed for any sessions not attended.
  2. Cancellations – If a cancellation needs to be made, please try to make it over 24 hours in advance. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will incur half of the consultation fee. Within 12 hours the full fee will be charged.
    – Please note, that due to health issues on the part of the consultant cancellations may be made by the consultant on the day of the appointment, however, this is very uncommon and is always a last resort. If you have an ongoing health issue that may result in short notice cancellation, please make the consultant aware of this when booking.
    – Please also note that if the consultant arrives at the clients’ home and the client is not available for the appointment, the session will be charged in full along with any commuting costs.
  3. One to one sessions are undertaken by the client with the understanding that it is not the consultant training the dog. The client must carry out and keep up the training but the consultant will help the client understand how, and what to do.
  4. It is essential that any safety measures recommended by the instructor be followed and, if the client has an issue with it, to discuss with the consultant rather than simply not follow them.
  5. The consultant may require a health check from a veterinarian before seeing the dog for a 1-1 to ensure there is no underlying medical problem.
  6. The client must understand that the training requires repetition and lots of practice and that all aspects of the training recommended by the consultant are important for the overall result. Without continuing with the training and practising regularly, the results will not be as hoped.
  7. Follow up sessions are always available, as are phone and email contact options. The consultant will always strive to give the client the information and skills needed so that they don’t need to keep making appointments and can carry out the training on their own, however, if the client wants the extra help, the option is always there. With this in mind, if the consultant suggests a follow up session, it is because she deems it to be of benefit.
  8. The client must agree to follow the company’s philosophy regarding force free training – this being that any attempts to intimidate or cause pain in the name of training will not be tolerated. Choke chains, shock collars, spray collars, pinch collars, sound aversion therapy etc. are not within our philosophy and are ineffective/damaging, and the client will be advised not to use these devices. The consultant will always aim to work with the client and aim to meet the lifestyle of the client but never to the detriment of the dog. As such the consultant may reserve the right to terminate any working relationship with a client who consistently fails to follow this agreement.