Puppy Home Visit

Get off on the right foot with a Puppy Home Visit.

I was finding that many of the concerns people had with their puppies by the time they attended a class could easily be avoided with an earlier visit. 

Those who have had a puppy visit have given really positive feedback saying that it helped them to know they were getting off to a good start. 

A 2 hour session will cover all you need to know to deal with that pesky nipping, start housetraining and socialising your puppy, and get started with your early training to avoid bad habits forming.

This session can be split into 2 x 1 hour sessions as 2 hours can be a long time to try to take it all in and it’s a long time for children to sit and listen so ideal if you have a young family. 

I also focus on socialisation and how to ensure that your puppy gets early, rewarding experiences with all sorts of objects and events early on. 

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