Puppy Club


Please note that Puppy Club is currently being run online via video link so whilst pups don’t get to meet, 
there is lots of helpful information on how to socialise your puppy during lockdown, chance to ask questions and teach early lessons.

Puppy Club is open to any puppies up to 20 weeks of age. These are pay as you go classes that run for half an hour on Tuesday and Friday evenings. 

Very young puppies can struggle with a full hour and at such a young age they needn’t be learning all of the obedience exercises we teach later on. The puppy sessions are only half an hour long and cover mostly socialisation. Your puppy will have the opportunity to experience new things, puppies, people and we occasionally even have a cat visit!
You will receive tips on introducing your puppy to novel smells, sights and sounds, and how to read their body language.

They will get the chance to meet puppies of all sizes, facilitated carefully to ensure the safety of all, and learn important lessons from each other as well as learning to walk by other puppies without needing to engage in play.

In addition we look at getting used to walking nicely on a lead before your pup develops an urge to pull at the lead and recall while they are still magnetised to you.

We have different guests coming in, sometimes an older dog, a cat, a groomer, a baby… we do lots!  

Each session is only £5 and the more you come, the better for your pup! You will also have access to the exclusive Puppy Club Members only facebook group and although there is no obligation to attend regularly, I do need you to register for the club first! 

To join the Puppy Club, please fill out the form below. 

Puppy Club