Puppy Club

Your Puppy Prescription is here!

Whether you’re struggling with puppy biting, not sleeping, housetraining, or simply want to get off on the right foot, and learn how to properly socialise and raise your little bundle, (even if you don’t even have them home yet!) My Puppy Club is a great value online subscription with live classes tailored to you, recorded content, and a community with which to engage and share!

Recording available to all members
All of the live calls will be recorded, subtitled, and made available to all subscribers – so if you miss it, you’ll still get to see it!
Submit your questions in advance if you know you can’t make it and we’ll address it for you in the call.

Live Video Classes
Each live call will be 30-60 minutes long and will run at 6:30pm on Tuesdays (with the potential to add more days/times as required).
All included in the subscription price! 

Covering Rearing Confident, Happy Puppies
We focus on early puppy basics, nipping, house training, socialising, ‘rearing and teaching’ as opposed to ‘obedience and training’ but some early recall and leadwork skills are included!

Extra value in the group
There will be more going on in the community group between sessions.
You can ask questions, post pictures, chat as a community. Questions will be answered in the group if possible, or we may opt to address them in the next call.

10% off 1-1 Sessions & Primary School
You’ll get 10% off the price of the Early Days Puppy Session or even other 1-1 sessions for the duration of your membership.
If you opt to join/book onto Primary School within a month of the last time you paid your subscription, you’ll get 10% off!

No age limit/Cancel at any time
You choose when you cancel your subscription. We’ll focus on pups upto 5 months of age, but if you want to hang around for longer, you are more than welcome to do so!

No limit on location
Being totally online, we would like to welcome people from all over the country – even the world! So share to your friends living further afield. You can even retain your membership whilst taking other classes elsewhere if you want!

All for just £10 a month! 

Because the subscription is a new way of running My Puppy Club, we know that at first, the community will take a little bit of building, so we’re inviting you to take advantage of a 50% discount for your first month if you sign up in August! 
Simply enter ‘AUGUSTPUPPY’ in the coupon code box at checkout, and you’ll pay just £5 for your first month!