New Puppy!

So you’ve got, or you’re getting a new puppy! As a dog trainer, I just have one word… SQUEEE! 

Puppies are a huge amount of fun and an even bigger amount of cute, but they’re really hard to appreciate if you’re worried about whether you’re getting it right or not. 

“What on Earth have I done?!” is a pretty common reaction to bringing home a new puppy – especially if it’s your first, or the first you’ve had for a while! 

When I got my first puppy I was definitely in the ‘What the… ?!” camp and I’d done so much research in advance. Despite my research I just wasn’t prepared for this bizarre mix of super cute and pure evil that had entered my life and turned it upside down! 

I don’t want you to have the same experience of worrying too much that I had with my first puppy. I wish I could have relaxed and enjoyed her puppyhood more, and that’s why I want to ensure you have all the info you need to be confident that you’re doing a great job of raising a happy, healthy puppy. 

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Early Days Puppy 1-1 

Get off on the right foot with your puppy from day one.

I was finding that many of the concerns people had with their puppies by the time they attended a class could easily be avoided with earlier advice, so decided to offer a session to new puppy owners. 

Those who have had a puppy 1-1 have given really positive feedback saying that it helped them to know they were getting off to a good start.

The session is 2 hours long and I recommend doing 1 hour before getting your pup and an hour after they come home, but if you have already collected your new family member, a 2 hour session after bringing them home works great too! 

Online Puppy Club

Whether you’re struggling with puppy biting, not sleeping, housetraining, or simply want to get off on the right foot, and learn how to properly socialise and raise your little bundle, (even if you don’t even have them home yet!) My Puppy Club is a great value online subscription with live classes tailored to you, recorded content, and a community with which to engage and share!
Recording available to all members
Live Video Classes
Extra value in the group
10% off 1-1 Sessions & Primary School
No age limit/Cancel at any time
No limit on location – all online!
All just for £10 a month! 

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