New Puppy?

Whether you are planning a new puppy or you have just had a furry little whirlwind enter your life, you are headed for a whole lot of fun, and hard work! 

Puppies require a lot of work at the beginning, but they are so worth it and my team and I can help you through those first few months and we’ll continue to support you throughout your puppy’s lifetime! 

Considering a puppy but not sure if it’s the right decision? Contact me and I can help you to work out what type of dog will suit you and your family. 

drop in visit
Puppy Home Visit

Get off on the right foot with your puppy from day one.

I was finding that many of the concerns people had with their puppies by the time they attended a class could easily be avoided with an earlier visit, so decided to offer a home visit to new puppy owners. 

Those who have had a puppy visit have given really positive feedback saying that it helped them to know they were getting off to a good start.

The session is 2 hours long but can be split into 2 x 1 hour sessions as 2 hours can be a long time to try to take it all in and it’s a long time for children to sit and listen so ideal if you have a young family. 

Puppy Club

My Puppy Club socialisation classes started last year and have proven popular!

They are open to any puppies up to the age of 20 weeks of age. These are pay as you go classes that run on Tuesday and Friday evenings. 

Very young puppies can struggle with a full hour and at such a young age they needn’t be learning all of the obedience exercises we teach later on. The puppy sessions are only half an hour long and £5 per session. The more you come the better for your pup!

You will also have access to the exclusive Puppy Club Members-only facebook group.