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Preventing Separation Problems with Emma Judson of Canine Consultant

Worried about your dog developing Separation Anxiety after being with you constantly during lockdown? 

Join us for a LIVE webinar with Emma Judson, Separation Anxiety specialist, from Canine Consultant! 

There is a concern amongst many people that their dogs may develop Separation Anxiety when they return to their everyday lives after the lockdown is over. This is a legitimate concern as dogs get used to routines and changes to routine can cause stress, frustration and even panic. 

Emma will deliver a webinar about how to prevent your dog developing separation anxiety or FOMO on returning to normal after the lockdown phase by putting measures in place now, and reducing stress whilst you share your home together more than usual. 

There will be the chance to ask questions and have them answered at the end of the presentation and raise any concerns you still have. 

About Emma

Emma has a wealth of knowledge around all aspects of dog behaviour and training, with experience spanning nearly 20 years.

Emma is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and the Professional Association of Canine Trainers, an ABTC member organisation.

She currently holds the PACT-KSA 1 – 1 accreditation.

Emma specialises in Separation Anxiety and has been published in Dogs Today and Your Dog magazines.


The webinar will take place via Zoom on Thursday 2nd April 2020 at 12pm and is estimated to last around 90 minutes.

You can purchase your ticket for just £15 by clicking below! 

After you have bought your ticket, you’ll be emailed with a webinar link to join. This is not automatic so do not worry if it’s not immediate, however, if you haven’t heard from me by Wednesday evening, please get in touch!

You will need a zoom account to join, but you can sign up for free at www.zoom.us

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