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Dog First Aid course with Lou Johnson

As dog owners we want to do the best we can for our dogs, ensuring they get good quality food, comfortable bedding, safe harnesses and plenty of exercise. 

But what if your dog needed emergency first aid? Would you know what to do? 

The peace of mind that knowing canine first aid brings is literally priceless. In some situations, our dogs may need help from us before we can even get to a vet and knowing what to do could be the difference between your dog surviving an accident/injury or not.  

This course can give you that peace of mind. You’ll learn skills and knowledge to help your dog and others in all kinds of situations to give them time to get to the vet, minimise their pain, or help to prevent long-lasting effects caused by delayed treatment. 

About the Trainer: Lou Johnson

Lou has worked in the City Corporate world in London for a number of years now but her true love is animals. Having attended a course herself as a dog owner, she was so impressed and wants to spread the word!
“I came out of the course buzzing and felt a real need to make sure that everyone has the information to help save the lives of dogs in their care”.

As an experienced trainer herself, Lou is now combining her passion for dogs and education with this venture.

Lou has had several experiences herself where the knowledge from the course has really counted. One example is when May badly cut her paw on flint whilst out on a walk. Knowing what to do and not panicking made a huge difference to both of them!
On an earlier occasion the event of one of her dogs suffering from Heatstroke would have been better handled and probably avoided. It would certainly have been less stressful had the course been done beforehand.

Lou is also a qualified animal healer and a graduate of The Healing Animals Organisation. She practices energy work with dogs and other animals, and has intensively studied and gained practical experience in nutrition, behaviour and emotional issues including their causes.

About the Course:

The course will take place at Stannington Community Centre on Myers Grove Lane, Sheffield on Sunday May 17th 2020, at 11am.

The course is 4 hours long and refreshments will be provided. Peace of mind, a new skill and all in a laid back, friendly atmosphere with fellow dog-lovers for just £55! 

There are a maximum of 30 places on the course, so grab your place before they’re all gone!

Online registration for this event is closed