Lottie's School for Dogs

Craig Ogilvie Body Language Talk - 24th October 2021

Craig is joining us on 24th October 2021 for a fabulous talk about body language – including lots of Q&A to ensure you get the absolute most from his talk.

Talking through how to spot the subtle changes in our dogs’ body language that can give us a reflection of their internal state
and help us to understand what our dogs are telling us.

Learn how to how to spot, decode and understand the subtleties of canine body language.

During this seminar, you will learn how to evaluate different canine body language signals and their meanings by looking at the different parts of the canine body and the context of canine behaviour. This will help you to recognise signs of conflict, avoidance, stress, fear, arousal and much more.

The talk will take place at Stannington Community Hall, Myers Grove Lane on October 24th at 11am and lasts for around 90 minutes. 

Please note: This is a seminar/talk, not a practical workshop and we ask that you do not bring your dogs so that you and others can get the most out of the talk and we have based the number of tickets available on space needed for people, not dogs.
(service dogs are obviously welcome but please drop me an email when you book so I’m aware!) 

Please only select the ‘coupon holder’ option if you have been provided with one, as those not on the list will not be approved and you will be asked to make an extra payment!


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