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Tips for a dog-friendly Easter

Easter with your dog

Easter is a great time for spending time with the family, and with special dog-safe Easter Eggs available to buy, even the pooch can join in!

However, there are also hazards you need to be aware of. 

Chocolate contains theobromine which is toxic to dogs. Even a small amount of chocolate can be very harmful to your dog, so if you are lucky enough to receive chocolate gifts at Easter, make sure they are kept somewhere out of reach of your dog. 
Don’t worry though, your dog can still partake in the Easter indulgence as you can buy special Easter Eggs made of dog-safe chocolate! Just check out your local pet shop!

Seasonal Plants
I love daffodils, they are one of my favourite flowers. For me they are a sign of hope as winter comes to an end and we move into spring. Even when winter is trying to hang on, the Daffodils fight their way through to remind us that spring is on the way! 
However, even daffodils aren’t as innocent as they look and their bulbs (along with the bulbs of some other seasonal flowers) are toxic to animals if ingested.

Raisins and sultanas are toxic to dogs (as are grapes), and these are often found in cakes around Easter time. Be aware of which treats you are sharing with your pooch and consider buying him his own instead of sharing yours.  

Children & Dogs at Easter

Easter is a time when the kids are more likely to be excited, and unpredictable to your dog. 

It’s important to ensure that your dog has a space to go to (a crate/bed, or a separate room) if they need a rest from the kids and all the excitement that surrounds Easter. 

Easter Egg Hunts 

It’s lovely to give the kids an Easter Egg hunt, but vitally important that you keep your dog safe while chocolate is around! 
If your dog is likely to be interested, keep them out of the area while the hunt is on, or get someone to take your dog for a walk for a while. Take note of where all the eggs are hidden and ensure they are all removed before you invite the dog back in.

Scent Searches 

Dogs love to search too, but they use their nose! You can hide dog-safe chocolate, or any other dog treats around for your dog to sniff out. Providing your dog doesn’t have any food-guarding issues, this is a really nice game for the kids to play with the dog, too! The kids can follow the dog as he or she sniffs out the food and can even help to reach it if your dog struggles. 

Always ensure they are supervised the whole time and if your dog has any over excitement/frustration/aggression issues around food then don’t do this with the kids around. ,

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