I am the Managing Director and Dog Training Instructor at the school and provide all training services. In group classes I am assisted by my wonderful team and this is to whom I refer when I say ‘we’ on this website.

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I started off by shadowing other trainers, lots of home study and I have studied correspondence courses with Alpha Education, Centre for Excellence and Ian Dunbar. I regularly attend webinars, conferences and seminars and firmly believe in the importance of continuing to learn regardless of how much you already know. I am a proud member of the Pet Professional Guild and continue to learn and aim for other accrediting memberships.

I spent a good while volunteering my time and skills at a rescue centre for dogs and in that time worked with many dogs at the centre as well as bringing some of them home for in-home training/fostering. Sadly, ill health has meant that I had to stop doing that but I am in touch with rescues who know that they can call on me for assistance.

I live with my three beautiful dalmatians (Takara, Bubble, and Radan), my Patterdale Terrier x Whippet (Timmi), and my two cats (Sophie and Minnie). I have previously shared my home with rats, hamsters, squirrels and various waifs and strays!

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Dog Training

Katherine is one of my assistants at Tuesday night classes and she is awesome! 
She moved to Sheffield from Michigan and wanted to do some work with dogs. In the time that Katherine has been with me, her skills and knowledge have grown and she is a star to have in class. 

Katherine, like all of my assistants, shares my force free philosophy and is always supportive and enthusiastic in class.

At home Katherine lives with her husband, Rob, her little terrier, Maggie, and her pet chickens.

Kay was previously a student (twice!) at Lottie’s School for Dogs and is very dog savvy.

She is very keen to help make the kind of training she received available to more people and is so patient and gentle with dogs, she has proven to be a real asset since she joined the team, helping with Friday night classes. She is also the brains behind our amazing posters, being a graphic designer by trade! 

At home, Kay lives with her two mini schnauzers, Evie and Parker, and Spangle the cat. 

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Emma first came to Lottie’s School for Dogs with her puppy, PomBear. As a dedicated first time owner, Emma attended regular classes with ‘PB’ and worked very hard to help her become the wonderful little dog she is today.

Emma began helping with stooge set ups, handling my stooge dog, Bubble, so that I could work with the owners and now helps on Friday night classes as well as 1-1 sessions.

Emma is a great asset and addition to the LSFD Team.