1-1 Training & Behaviour


Please note that we are still operating during lockdown,
but all of our sessions including 1-1 Sessions and Group Classes are running online via video link.

online dog training, remote dog training

1-1 Services include basic training and help with behaviour problems and all 1-1s are undertaken in your own home (or another preferred location in some cases).
Sessions can also be done via online video sessions where appropriate and some work better this way. 

The basic training 1-1s are ideal for those people who only want to learn some or all of our course material but can’t make it to a regular class. These sessions do not require extra support from me or management plans, reports etc. 

My Behaviour Consultations are more suited to those who are having specific problems which require more input such as problems with mixing with other dogs or people, anxiety, separation difficulties, reactivity, etc. 

If you’re unsure which category you fall into, don’t worry! Just use the form below and I will contact you.

What you can expect from me: 

For basic training sessions, I will give you some prep work by phone/email and then we will get straight to work on what it is you want to work on in our first session. 

For behaviour consultations, I will first complete an initial consultation with you to discuss the problems you’re having, what your goals and expectations are, and to put in some foundation work. If I can help you in one visit, then I will, but I usually recommend at least one follow up to be sure that things are moving in the correct direction. 

We can then discuss how to move forward, what support you will need and estimate any ongoing cost. 

Whilst behaviour problems can be a lengthy process to deal with, I will always try to find the most cost effective, and stress-free way to work with you. 

one to one

Initial Consultation + 1 Follow up (includes supporting materials, optional online support group and online consultations include a recording of the session)

Separation Anxiety and Reactive Dog packages are tailored to the client to ensure they are as affordable and efficient as possible, and will be arranged during your consultation.  

To book a 1-1 session with me, please fill in the form below
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