1-1 Training & Behaviour

online dog training, remote dog training

1-1 Services cover whatever you need, from basic training to help with behaviour problems, and all 1-1s are undertaken online via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you simply want to teach your dog to be able to sit and stay, or whether you can’t leave the house without him/her howling the place down, I can help! 

I know how upsetting or embarrassing some of our dog’s behaviour can be and I will approach it sensitively and without judgement to help you be able to enjoy life with your dog more and help your dog to be a happier, more relaxed companion. 

What you can expect from me: 

For basic training sessions, I will give you some prep work by email and then we will get straight to work on what it is you want to work on in our first session. 

For behaviour consultations, I will first complete an initial consultation with you to discuss the problems you’re having, what your goals and expectations are, and to put in some foundation work. 
I always recommend an initial session and one follow up, and then we discuss what sort of ongoing support you may/may not need. 

Whilst behaviour problems can be a lengthy process to deal with, I will always try to find the most cost effective, and stress-free way to work with you. 

one to one

Initial Consultation + 1 Follow up (includes a replay of your session, any supporting materials, and optional online support group)

Separation Anxiety and Reactive Dog packages are tailored to the client to ensure they are as affordable and efficient as possible, and will be arranged during your consultation.  

Basic Training Sessions are approved only after checking there are no underlying problems and will then be quoted depending upon what it is you want to work on.

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